okay stop with this bullshit please like they’re not? she’s a pure african woman and those features are attributed to the region she’s from. To throw her features in the category of “european” deflects from the overall point she’s making here and it creates this false idea that black women cannot possess these features naturally
She states in this gif set that she finds it insulting because it’s erases her blackness like? please stop

she is african. she does possess those features naturally, as any black woman can. her features are attributed to the region she’s from. all black people do not look the same. our features can take any shape. everything you said is based in fact but i stand by what i said.  

You posted  that tag to dismiss what she was saying and you know it like please what do you have to stand by here? She’s a black woman who has features that are attributed to her region, and she says that she’s been fetishized and her blackness unrightfully erased for them by the white gaze and she wants to reject that…..”fitting” into some arbitrary standard that stands on the subjugation of other types of black beauty isn’t her fault and its shitty of you to throw her into that category….

her features are not european like i don’t think you understand that by saying something like that you’re essentially reinforcing what she’s been actively trying to reject